Dewane Hughes                         Sculptor
Rainbow MachineRainbow Machine (detail)Neutral RainNeutral Rain (detail)Ancestral NocturnAncestral Nocturn (detail)The Quick 9 countThe Quick 9 Count (detail)POOFPOOF (detail)Wrong Way With StyleWrong Way With Style (detail)Goose Stepping for LoveGoose Stepping for Love (detail)HerdHerd (detail)Happy to meet youHappy to Meet You (detail)Heavy is the HeadHeavy is the Head (detail)Like Moths to a Flame, This little Light of MinePliadesPliadesEnlightenment through the Pragmatism of Nursery RhymesEnlightenment through the Pragmatism of Nursery Rhymes, detailThe Fearful ClenchNight Flight with Wing DingsThe Fearful Clench DetailNight Flight with Wing DingsWing Dings DetailThe Perpetual Task of Guarding SkeletonsMy Childish OrerryLaocoonI Want An Angel That Knows RejectionI Want An Angel That Knows Rejection, detailThe Specter of VictoryEvery Escape FailsThe WindA broken HaloA Temporary RepriseLessons From RedAn Heroic GeometryCutie Pie vs. The Poison Beaked SparrowsCutie Pie detailWhen the Birds Sang More Like They Meant it.Anhedonia-Slingshot DandyAnhedonia-Slingshot Dandy (detail)Super Ball SentimentalitySuper Ball Sentimentality (detail)The Concerted EffortThe Concerted Effort (detail)My Best Shot Through a Screen DoorMy Best Shot Through a Screen Door (detail)A Poison Like NostalgiaA Poison Like Nostalgia (detail)Orions BeltMy Childish OrerryMy Childish Orerry (detail)"Jesus of the Moon and the Stars""Slight of Hand Job""Krooz Kuntroll""Krooz Kuntroll""Where Eagles Dare""Where Eagles Dare"Shakin' The Bush Here BossBANG POW BOOMBANG POW BOOMBANG POW BOOM DetailEven The Hardest Heart Needs DefendingEven the Hardest Heart Needs DefendingPassing Sebastion in the StairwayPassing Sebastion in the Stair WayStag Drag DeconstructedStag Drag DeconstructedStag Drag DetailReaping the WhirlwindReaping DetailTugging at My Heart Like Sisyphus Rolling His StoneSisyphus Detail
This is the beginning of a new body of work that explores a new take on the FUNK art movement.