Dewane Hughes                         Sculptor
Hill Country Haiku, 2nd view Hill Country HaikuTalk of needles and camelsFoundation of the Doo-DahTight Rope WalkerSky TalingsHaiku 3.0Haiku detailDouble Slit SkylineDouble slit detailThe space between dots and dashesDots and Dashes detailDoo-Dah 2.0Doo-Dah detailBreezeMy Faulty OrreryMy faulty orrery, 2nd viewHaiku IHaiku IIBad MoonHigh Plains Doo-DahDisorder in the HouseDisorder in the House (detail)HumdingerHumdinger (detail)Humdinger (detail 2)SwellNest of the Chicken HawkOverseerOverseer second viewPassagePassage Second ViewIcelandic LullabyIcelandic Lullaby view 2GenCore commission
Public Sculpture
Large scale outdoor work.