Dewane Hughes                         Sculptor
2nd Place, My Soul is a TrophyMy Soul is a Trophy (detail)Story of My LifeCounting Coupe DeVilleCounting Coupe DeVille (detail)Swimming in ColaSwimming in Cola (detail)AskewAskew (detail)33% Swarm33% Swarm (detail)No Flight HomeNo Flight Home (detail)No Flight Home (detail)Blow BackBlow Back (detail)The Revisionist's LensThe Revisionist's Lens (detail)The Revisionist's Lens (detail)ResurrectionResurrection (detail)The Old Mans Rear ViewThe Old Mans Rear ViewThe Old Man's Rear View (detail)We Work OnWe Work OnWe Work On (detail)CRUXCRUX detailCRUX detailThe Belated RecoveryThe Belated Recovery (detail)The Belated Recovery (detail)Borrowed Wings of WaxBorrowed Wings of Wax (detail)Borrowed Wings of Wax (detail)Snap-ShotThe Dignity of Slings and Arrows SufferedDignity of Slings and Arrows Suffered, detailCollectorCollector, detailCollector, detailStory of My LifeStory of my Life, (detail)Story of My Life, (detail)
Small Resins
This new body of work, "Small Resins", is in response to the birth of my son, Dewane Franklin Hughes III, "Frankie"